made of 100% cow leather

lining urenzit (PAD)

This is Gruppo Mastrotto genuine Italian leather. During its production, the company limits water consumption, works with raw materials from sustainable sources and is proud of certificates proving its ecological functioning.


protect from direct sunlight and moisture suitable for treatment with Indulona cream and skin cleanser lining suitable for wiping with a damp cloth and soap.


100% merino wool


Woolen clothes usually only need to be aired out, they do not need to be washed as often as other materials. Use suitable detergents when washing:

- designed directly for wool (ideally containing lanolin) - or shampoo (for normal hair)

- conditioner can be used to soften the yarn (it achieves the same results as a fabric softener, but is much gentler)

- never use soap (contains lye-promoting wool felting).

Hand wash (warm water around 25-30°C). A sharp change in temperature causes the felting of the wool and precipitation of the product.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Wring only lightly with a towel and leave the product to dry in a horizontal position.

Do not dry in direct sunlight, radiator, etc.

In case of creasing of the knitwear, the product can be gently steamed. Steam the garment on a hanger, in a vertical position. Never place the iron directly on the garment!