Do you have an idea for cooperation or are you looking for a unique new product for your company? Let's create something together.

Škoda x ademi x cosmopolitan

The constant search for ways to create beautiful products in a more responsible and environmentally friendly manner are the points of contact for the Škoda Auto and ADEMI brands. In a unique collaboration with Cosmopolitan, an original travel bag was created - only one piece, for which there was a competition at Cosmo Flower day.

Škoda Enyaq's inspiration for the travel bag was reflected in the bag's colorful practical details and sharp shape. I wanted the bag to be as practical, spacious and playful as possible, so you might be surprised by the three inner yellow-green leather pockets and other details in this color. We also managed to use only the leftover material from my warehouse.

ademi x šumava forrest

Natural cleaning care for leather products / 50 ml

with the scent of black iris and musk

We teamed up with natural cosmetics ŠUMAVA FORREST to develop care and cleaner in one for leather products.

It nourishes, impregnates, treats and supplies the skin with the necessary substances that ensure longevity and functionality and at the same time cleans.

Plus a little bonus - your handbag or other leather product will smell great!

ademi x perfumed prague

We teamed up with PERFUMED PRAGUE and created a unique fragrance.

The fragrance "The Sicily's Night Rides" is a memory of a summer ride on a darkening Italian island.

Wind in your hair and an endless night ride in a car without a roof. The rising smoke from the street stalls and in the distance the glow of neon from the gas station that marks the end of the city.

ženy z netu x ademi

Beautiful and local. These are the two-color wallets that we prepared together with the magazine Ženy z netu.

You can choose from two color variants. Beige-pink or pink-beige.

The back part is another complementary color.

Buy the wallet separately or at a special price with an annual subscription.



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