Vision and direction
ADEMI Studio

Designer Adéla Mitrengová is based on the principle of quality over quantity. Under her hands, minimalist, but characteristic pieces are created. When designing handbags, VARIABILITY & MODULARITY were important to the designer, so that the handbag could be used as much as possible. The handbags are sewn from first-class Italian Gruppo Mastrotto leather, meeting high demands for sustainability, but they are born in the Czech Republic. The newest collection on ADEMI's account, presented at September's Czech Design Week, is Candy Shop. It playfully combines loose shapes and the most delicious sugar colors. Is the Milkshake Tote bag, Dessert bag in the shape of a roll with whipped cream or Muffin case just enough for all the essentials?

We respect local production. Each of our products is created in a small factory in the Czech Republic. From the initial prototype, through detailed adjustments, to the final sewing. This is the only way we can be sure that each piece is given individual care and the highest quality is guaranteed.  

We make handbags from Gruppo Mastrotto Italian leather. It is the holder of several certificates that guarantee the least possible impact on the environment, work with raw materials from sustainable sources, reduction of water consumption, and ease of recycling. The Blauer Engel awards check the ecological quality of the leather and the LWG Gold Rated certificate for the impact of the production system.

We process the material down to the last scrap. We are using the smallest ones for small parts for handbags, and we are sewing key chains from the larger ones. We are opponents of waste and throw away so our aim is to use leather all.

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